Sketchup 2022 | VRay 6 | Skatter 2.2

I can get grass to render properly but I can’t get the shrubs to show up at all when rendering.

I’m not sure I’m doing something wrong.

Where do I begin to troubleshoot?



Thanks for the report!

I’m able to reproduce the issue. We will investigate and try to fix it asap.

I also noticed today that it is not saving my scatter creations. For example, I will create a group with grass on it, save the file in sketch up, close the file and re-open it and I have to go in and regenerate for it to show up in the renderings.

I have fixed the shrubs. You need to delete this folder:
Then you will need to download the asset again.

There were actually two separate issues with this asset (wrong path to the vrmesh, and it rendered black when the path was corrected).

Are you using V-Ray?
What happens if you don’t regenerate, but simply stop the render and start a new render again?

I’ve seen this behavior, where the Skatter data is not registered properly when you start the first V-Ray render. The following renders work fine, it happens only when V-Ray is initalizing.