Sketchup crashes when starting Vray render of Meadow Scene

I have tried to render the demo scene - The Meadow Pack for Skatter by Mads Bjerre, Meadow Scene with Vray 2.0 and every time Sketchup (both 2015 and 2016) stops working/crashes.
The 2015 version suddenly disappears with no message at all, the 2016 one display a message of closing the program.

I would appreciate any assistance on the above.
many thanks.

What does the message says for Sketchup 2016?

It is a standard SU message - SU stopped working, find the solution online…
It seems that the render is interrupted by a sudden obstacle. All goes well, I can see a beginning of the image and at a certain moment (always almost the same) it stops Vray render window disappears and then SU.
I do not change anything in the file. I open it, click on the Scene 1 to make it appear and then I start Vray.
I have got no problem wit Vray and any other files on general. This is the very rare one it make SU crash in a regular manner.

So this happens when you click on Vray’s render button?

The render starts and after showing a 1/4 of an image (very first rendering step) all goes out.

Ok, then it’s an issue on Vray’s side. I’m afraid I can’t do much about it, you should get in touch with Chaos Group.