SketchUp file Issues

When I use the external Transmutr app and convert a file then open it in SketchUp, the file does this weird thing where any zooming makes it disappear and I need to zoom all to get it back.

As we’ve discussed before, Transmutr performs the scaling trick to avoid tiny faces not being created by SketchUp.
But it seems that when the scale correction is too high, this zooming artefacts start to appear.

In v1.2.0, we have limited the scale correction to a maximum of 100000 to avoid that, but it seems that in your case it is still too much?
Could you send me the file to [email protected] so that I can perform some tests?


I have the same problem with almost every technical model i transmute. I have sent you a mountain Bike (free download from cgmood) and a coffeemachine (purchased at cg trader).


Hi, I have am having the same issue while using the external app as well as within the sketchup. Was this resolved? Can someone please share the solution?

In Transmutr’s options (gear icon), can you try to change the “Maximum mesh scale correction” option from the default 100,000 down to 10,000 or even lower?