Sketchup Freezing when Picking Host Shape

We discussed last year, just wondering if there has been any progress and if we can expect this to be addressed soon.

You mentioned that there should be a timeout that you were going to fix. I suggested also making the shape highlighting an option we could disable.

Can we expect either of these to be added any time soon? This regularly causes my sketchup to freeze.

Thank you

I’m not sure which conversation you are referring to, but as we are full on working on v2, I don’t think there will be major changes like these for v1.
V2 has been rewritten almost from scratch, so these issues shouldn’t exist anymore.

Thank you for the reply.

Hopefully v2 addrsses it and its not too far off.

Fyi - right now I am staring at a locked up sketchup again because of this issue.

I have a similar issue. On very busy models with lots of objects, the auto-highlight gets lost and things hang up for 5 minutes at a stretch. One way to get around this might be to implement pre-selections: Let the user select a grouped-line for example, then click the hosts->line option and have it auto-fill the currently selected object.

Yes we have something like that in mind for v2

I hae the same issue, when I want to sketter over a line or path it take ages to make the proces…

Does this happen in Skatter v1 or v2?

Does it happen in a brand new file? If it’s only a specific file, could you send it to [email protected]?