Sketchup Pro 2022 no Transmutr plug in?

Hi all,
I recently upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2022. Whenever there is a new version of Sketchup, all the plugins need to be reloaded. I am using Transmutr 1.2.7 and I cannot figure out how to load the Transmutr plug in. I have it working fine on Sketchup 2021, and I can’t figure out how to get the plugin to load for Sketchup 2022. Any advice?

I can still launch Transmutr independently, but I prefer to run it from Sketchup. Thanks.

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Hi @Dawn

We’re in the process of upgrading Transmutr for SketchUp 2022.
It should be ready in a few days.

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thank you, merwan.

We just released a new version of Transmutr that supports SketchUp 2022:

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