Skp file with missing faces

I imported a small plant fbx file that looks good in the Transmutr viewport but when exported to skp it is missing faces. I have tried making it much larger but the result is the same.
When converting it to skp with Simlab it works so most likely it’s a bug.
Also the Simlab file is much larger.

Here is a link to the files:

Thanks @pixero, we’re looking into this.

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So far all of my tests result in missing faces as well.

Hi @pixero @nvizeon

We just fixed this bug. it was due to a limitation in the way that SketchUp deals with models with tiny faces. The fix will be available in the next release (0.2.1).


I did try to “oversize” or scale up the model in Transmutr to overcome this limitation but the resulting model was identical in terms of missing faces.

This is normal, because you were actually scaling the root node (group or component instance). Our fix scales the geometry, then apply the reverse scale to the group/instance.