SKP Preview Icon issue

Hi all,

I suspect this isn’t a bug, as much as it is an issue my end, thus the post here.

Whenever I export an SKP model and/or proxy from Transmutr, I’m unable to see a preview of it in my windows explorer until I open the scene, save it and close it again. I note that when I open it, I’m presented with a dialogue box that says it was created with SketchUp V8 etc etc. I find these previews really handy, especially with Megascans model variations and the like.

I only have one version of SketchUp installed (2020), and I don’t have this issue with other models I download from 3d Warehouse etc. Any tips/tricks appreciated!

This is because the thumbnail is generated by SketchUp itself when you save a file from SketchUp.

Transmutr uses the SketchUp SDK to create the .skp. But the SDK doesn’t generate a thumbnail.

We have discussed injected a thumbnail ourselves. But this is kind of a hack, we are not sure if it will work.

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Hi eliot,
i had the same problem with my library .
i found a solution by download two plugins … one for import all from a folder …another to save again selection objects .

hope this can help!

Thanks for that Raphael. Ideally there will be a fix of some sort to deal with this, rather than extra scripts (which I’m sure you agree, gets a bit tiring when you already run as many as we all do).