Small suggestion

I’ve only used it on one proj just before xmas but what I realised I needed was a very simple ‘box’ for popping behind tiny rooms such as toilets etc.
How about you include a selection of RB’s which have nothing more than a back wall that has a colour, all other walls can be white.
A pastel red, green, blue, yellow etc, nothing too bright, just enough to make it feel like there’s something on the other side of the glass.

Have you tried adding a room a disabling all of its sprites and walls except the back wall? Like this:

Is that what you are looking for?

Could do but I was thinking something like the following:

I’d use them behind tiny windows like the ones circled below:

All I need for these types of rooms (toilets etc) is a bit of colour behind the glass.

It would increase the free selection you provide in the initial plugin and thus ‘I think’ the appeal of Roombox

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This is a video of the scheme above:

It was finished long before you released RB but imagine how effective RB would have been, but more importantly how little of the interiors I’d actually have had to build. Each of those houses (12 types) have full (unfurnished) rooms with the more visible rooms having as little furniture as I could get away with.

The real scheme being built: Google Maps

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