Sometimes my Thea proxies don't render...

Just wondering if its me - but does the Skatter panel have to be open in order for the render list to process ?

Finding I’m having to regenerate some setups prior to rendering or they don’t appear (when I’m not paying attention to the render window, usually) :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if is as simple as the Skatter panel not being visible on a fresh Sketchup launch and opening it up rather than refreshing the setups is what makes it work?


No, the Skatter dialog doesn’t have to be open for the Render List to be processed. All the Skatter data should be generated when you re-open your file.

Does this issue happen every time?

Thanks Thomas.

Yes, it does seem to with this particular file - but this model one has been an ongoing massive thing for ages, so I think I’ll just put to down to experience… other files seem to be ok.

The file in question (and skatter setups) started life with full geometry before I discovered Thea and proxies so have been thorough many alterations and all sorts of iterations.

Many thanks,


Could you send the file to me?

You can use :


Thanks Thomas - will do once I’m done – up to my eyeballs in this at the moment – once the dust settles and the file is put to bed…

Thanks again.

Hi phil_w,
I’m a Thea user and curious as to your setup. I’ve had issues with setting up Skatter, then moving geometry and or trying to redo Skatter and have it not render correctly. It’s not often but enough that your question makes me curious as to why your issue would arise.

Also, as a Thea user, I invite you to an English only Thea Facebook group, if you are interested…