Started testing Transmutr and ran into the following issues

Using Skatter and a happy customer. Very excited about the features of Transmuttr. Bought the beta and did some testing and ran into the following issues:

  1. Both windows defender and avast anitvirus went haywire when trying to install transmuttr. After disabling both I was able to progress the installation

  2. The first startup of Transmuttr caused the blue screen of death

  3. When I upload a model. I get an error message in red “cannot load options: the path is invalid”

  4. Mesh simplification leads very quickly to holes in the model. I have tried several models

Hi and thanks for the detailed report.

  1. Unfortunately, antivirus flagging small apps as malware is a recurring issue on Windows. We’re looking for a solution to avoid such warnings in the future, hopefully before the public release in a few weeks.

  2. The Blue Screen issue is worrying. If this happens again, please write to [email protected] so that we can further investigate.

  3. We just identified the “Cannot load options” bug. It’s only a UI issue without consequence. We’ll fix it for the next release to remove the confusing error message.

  4. Yes, mesh simplification sometimes generates holes depending on the model’s topology. We’re still tweaking this feature so hopefully we’ll be able to support a wider range of models in the future.

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When I carry a model. I get an error message in red “Can not load options: path is invalid”
Does not load material.
When will another update come out?

Hi @LucianoJMM,

The “cannot load options” will be fixed in the next update in a few days but you can ignore it for now because it has no effect of the conversion process.

The “cannot load material” means that there’s an issue with a material used by your model, like a missing texture.

Could you send us your model and any additional textures to [email protected] so that we ca investigate?

I sent to the Email