Stuck while transmuting...proxy model not created.

Hi - per a few other posts, I have to work around the issue of having multiple models in a single file by first transmuting the entire file to .SKP and then breaking it up there before then transmuting each individually to build proxies, etc.

This typically works but I’m having trouble now where some individual files I saved get stuck indefinitely during ‘transmuting…’

The vrmesh and maps populate to the correct folder but the SKP proxy never shows up and I have to force quit Transmutr.

Link to files:

Ideas? Thanks!

Thanks for the files, I can reproduce the issue.

There is nothing in the logs, Transmutr seems to be completely stuck without giving out any information. We will investigate.


Hi @Thomas I have just bought the full yearly subscription. I am trying to transmute a 931.2MB FBX file. When I click transmute the file loads for a minute or 2 and then the screen is blank. All the materials and textures export however the actual skp file doesn’t. Is the problem that the file is too large for transmutr to handle? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Can you send us the files as well? To [email protected]

Hi Thomas

I’m facing the same problem and i’m looking for the solution on a larger scale,
It works perfectly with small files , yet the full file it just won’t work

Any ideas ?

@Mhamad_Khalil Can you send your files to [email protected] so that we can take a look?