Transmutr is actually able to reduce rather well the polycount of objects, but could it be doable, using the same (or the same kind) of tool, to add details to an objact, allowing the user to turn a low poly object into a more precise one (a bit like what the tool Artisan is doing) ?

Hi @mrwip,

Thanks for the feedback. This particular feature is not planned because the goal of Transmutr is first and foremost to import 3D models into SketchUp quickly & easily.

We chose to include geometry simplification because SketchUp suffers from poor performance when opening complex models with a lot of geometry.
In that regard, adding a subdivision feature would be quite counterproductive :wink:

More generally, we chose not to make Transmutr an all-purpose tool that wants to do everything, from modelling to texturing, since there are already great 3D software packages out there that provide such features :slight_smile:

I highly recommend SubD for that task!

Thanks for your really fast feedback.

It makes sense :wink: