Sudden Blanc Window


Happens several times.
When importing dae or anya other supported format all seems going well, all components are loaded, messages of the missing materials and suddenly the Transmutr window becomes empty-white.

I have been using it outside Sketchup.
The files to be tramuted are rathe big -almost 800 Mb dae file size.

Please advise.
Thank you in advance.

Latest version of TR/Windows 10 Entr 64 bit/ 64 Ram/Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 12 GB

Hi @georgethibgmail-com

Does this also happen for smaller files? Have you used Transmutr successfully before this issue appeared?


No is has happened only with files 250 and more MB.

Thank you.

I can import the same file using Skimp or Simlab Composer.

Could you send us one of those files to [email protected]? (with a file host like Dropbox or WeTransfer)

We’ll investigate this issue.


Files have just been sent.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for the file!

I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Can you send me your log file?
Please do this:

  • Open Transmutr and try to convert the file again, so that’s it’s the last entry in the log
  • Go to C:\Users\Marjorie\AppData\Roaming\transmutr and send me Transmutr.log


Thank you, done.

Same blank window termintes the operation on the second machine.
RAM drops from 4.7 Gb to 40 Mb.
No results.

Are you using Transmutr 1.2.3 or an older version?

Also, how much RAM do you have installed in your machine?

I have been using the very last version, mentioned of Transmutr.

Windows 10 Entr 64, 64 GB Ram, Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 12 GB.

Thanks for the file and log. Unfortunately, the log doesn’t contain any useful information regarding this issue.

It looks like there is something weird with the file. It crashes Blender when we try to import it. And 3dsmax took almost half an hour to open it, and was barely usable after that (opening menus took a full 15 seconds, etc).
Where does this file come from? How was it created?


Thank you for your investigation.

Indeed the fil(s) are exceptionally unusual.
They came from Infraworks 2020.

I have never worked with a such unworkable stuff.
It taked me almoste w week to place some parts if them inteo Sketchup. Despite a relatively small volume any simole ooeration taked ages.

In several case Transmutr was able to show the content if them but after trying to simplify them again a blank window terminated its activity…

I do than you for your confirmation and infos on the software behaviour treating them.

What is bizarre all transition formats, dae, obj, fbx are Autodesk native ones.
I had the same inoperativity issue within Max, Rhino, Skutchup, Skimp, Simlab Composer.