Summer house, Iceland.


The lighting, the mood, the vegetation, the materials… Everything is beautiful in these images.

Great work, congrats!

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Where are the plant models from? Did you create them yourself?
Which render engine did you use?

No i didn’t create them… I just got some various grass and bushes models from sketchup 3dwerehouse…
Obviously I used skatter to arrange them.
I just tested vray 3 beta for sketchup and then used photoshop to work on the mood.


Wonderful work! How are you liking V-Ray 3 for SketchUp? Did you Uses the Aerial Perspective for the fog effects? Really stunning stuff!

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Superb! This work really pushes the boundary and shows that SketchUp + Skatter + V-Ray can help anyone create high quality visuals.

I love 1st and 2nd the most - great use of fog to set the mood for these.


I think V-ray 3 will be a big step for SketchUp users… I really like Progressive Rendering and of course the Aerial Perspective.
I used the AP for the foggy one but I didn’t work much on the settings so I just used render passes and work on the fog in the Photoshop.

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Thanks again Ronen.

Wow these models are from 3dwarehouse??? they look like high poly models, really well. Normally there are junk, but these look stunning.

Your POST work is also very well done, the mood you set and the execution is of great manner.

The 2nd image is just sublime!

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Just awesome. :wink:



amazing! great work! may I ask what spec are you using for your CPU to process these images?

Thanks everyone.

Intel CORE I7-4770K, 3.5GHz

I love that second image in particular…!