Sunset Rendering

Just placing this here for some feedback. Any tip are appreciated.



You can use a strong hdri for lighting so the wet road will look good and wall colour can be changed.

That’s a nice render already! Maybe you can add some wetspots to the walls as well. Most renders I see of a building that are taken right after a rainfall have dry wall, etc. Only the roads are wet. I know from a selling point the building doesn’t look as good then but if you go for realism… BTW. are your people 2d or 3d because they blend in nice!



Thanks. Everything is 3D except for the birds. I agree. For realism the stucco should appear wet but exactly as you stated it shows better this way. I also had to adjust the stucco color to closer match the original color scheme, otherwise, it would appear with a pink tint.

Nice work, clap clap clap!