Sunshine Canyon House

Architect: Renée del Gaudio
Visualization and 3d model: Max Kot
CPU i7 3770k, RAM 16gb, original size 2600*1400, Vray 2.0
Day render time: 2h 30min
Night render time: 6h 30min
Cloudy render time: 8h 20min

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Original photo


This is all very nice :slight_smile:
I love the breakdown video

Thanks! Thanks for your plugin, which enabled it to implement!

excelente trabajo

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Great work… V-RayNICE!

Did you manage to take the new V-Ray for a spin on this scene?

thank you! I badly understand English. What do you mean? 3.4 vray I participated in the beta, and that’s all) I know that the 3.0 release took place recently, but to buy it while it is not possible.


I am Renée del Gaudio, I came across this beautiful rendering you did of my project, Sunshine Canyon House. Nice work!

I am looking to hire someone to do a rendering of a different project, would you be available to do a rendering from a Sketch Up Model?


Good afternoon, I am the author of this render, I could not log into my old account from this forum. Email me at [email protected], about work, thank you!