Is there some sort of template file for creating our own custom maps?

We don’t have templates for now.

You can see a room map as the unfolded pattern of a cube. It is divided into 9 squares. The 5 “inner” squares make up for the cube walls.
The corner squares are used for sprites, they can be anything you want (furniture, curtains, etc). By convention, RoomBox will consider the bottom left square to be used for curtains or blinds, and therefor set it as a depth of 0 by default (but you can edit that in the Room Editor).


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Do you need to create a PNG, alpha and EXR for each scene you want to make?

The EXR is enough, RoomBox will take care of converting it to PNG and alpha if needed.

Is there a quick way to export a box map like this from VRay?

I was able to get something to work by rendering out a VR boxmap and then moving the faces around in Photoshop to map the cross-map that Roombox needs. It seems to have worked pretty well.

Yes a “VR Cubemap” camera is one way to do it. This is how some vendors do it, like Evermotion.
But the result is not optimal because when the room is then viewed from outside, the perspective of furniture and all is really distorted.

For our own maps, we actually render from 5 separate cameras. They are positioned outside of the room, and using “2-points perspective”, we align them with the walls. This is more work, but the end result is better IMO.

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Ah, this makes sense. Smart!

Can you publish a scheme of the position of the 5 cameras for better result? Thanks!