texture Distortion after making a change in Enscape Material


I Use a MegaScane Asset for the test in this case.

phase 1:
preview is Ok in the Transmuter window :

phase 2 :
the texture is ok in the Sketchup :

phase 3 :
after making a little change in Enscape material parameters occur this :

thanks in advance

Since it happens when using Enscape, you should contact the Enscape developers.

You can try to tick the “Use explicit texture coordinates” in the material settings.

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Thanks for your reply

The trick for this is to make a note of the SKP material size before making any changes. For imperial, I believe it is default 10" x 10" and metric is 254mm x 254mm (depending on your chosen scale). After making a change in Enscape material and encountering the above issue, just change the material dimensions to their default size (you will see they will have changed) and it will be fine