Texture/Map Type


I would be thankful for any guidance about using tyoes of maps with Transmutr.
What map/texture shall I use in general for:


There are many Megascan types of maps included in their assets. Fortunately they are associated automatically but in other case that is not so evident.
Ex: Roughness, Specular, Gloss, etc.

Many thanks in advance

Here is the possible mapping:

Albedo -> Diffuse
AO -> N/A
Bump -> Bump
Cavity -> N/A
Curvature -> N/A
Diffuse -> Diffuse
Displacement -> Displacement
Fuzz -> N/A
Gloss -> ReflectionGlossiness (for now only available using Automations in the Studio version)
Mask -> N/A
Metalness -> N/A (use Specular instead)
Normal -> Normal (with the Normal switch enabled below the Bump/Normal field)
Opacity -> Opacity
Roughness -> N/A (use Gloss instead)
Specular -> Reflection
Thickness -> N/A
Translucency -> Translucency

They should be assigned automatically when you export an asset from Bridge to Transmutr.