Texture problems from FBX to Sketchup

I have two 3d models (furnitures) with FBX.

I tried to move it to Sketchup but there are some textures are missing.

Have tried to change the texture maps but it does not work.

For example, the left one in the picture is the result of Transmutr to Sketchup.

the right one in the picture is the rendered image in 3ds max.

the textures in red circles on the right are missed. I don’t know why.

Please help me with this issue

Hi @Benef_Co,
Could you send us your model and textures to [email protected]?
We’ll take a look.

Dear Merwan,

I have sent it to your mail. Thank you.

Please kindly check my file and hope you give me the solution.

Thanks, I received your files.
I am able to import your model with correct texturing into SketchUp (see image).

Which version of SketchUp are you using?
What settings are you using with Transmutr?

That is the same result as mine.

If you look at it carefully, not all logos are placed on the model.

Please refer to the 6 ‘red circles’ that I drew in the image below. That is the missing parts from the original model with its textures. Only 1 logo (red one in the middle) is placed properly.

There should be letters (logo) in the small boxes on the model.

Ok, I was confused by the red label that does not appear in your SketchUp image.

I think that you’re missing some textures because the SketchUp viewport only displays diffuse textures and the missing ones are displacement maps. So you need a render engine to see them appear.

However the maps are properly exported by Transmutr. Here’s a render of your model with V-Ray for SketchUp. We need a close up to see the texture properly but it’s there:

Depending on your render engine, you might be able to increase the bump effect.

I see…

Is there any way that you be able to suggest for me?

In 3ds max, should I change the missing parts (displacement maps) into diffuse textures?

I don’t quite understand the logic fully.

Because, in my folder, there are diffuse map sources. (‘1_b’ and ‘3_1_b’ and ‘4_1_b’).

Those image files could be used as diffuse maps or displacement maps or normal maps, it really depends on the model.

For instance, in your model, we can look at one of the blue pieces:

  • the material is vertex colored (single color = the whole piece is blue)
  • it uses file 1_b.jpg as a displacement map to make the “Dwinguler” text pop out (but SketchUp cannot render this without a separate render engine)

Some possibilities to make the text render in SketchUp:

  1. Modify the model so that it uses diffuse colored textures that already contain the text


  1. Edit the geometry so that the text is sculpted into the mesh (Blender has a displacement modifier, I don’t know 3ds Max but it may have something similar).