Textures not showing in preview (but exported in skp) >> TIFF textures can't be displayed in preview

Hi, when loading Fbx or obj my preview shows the model in total black. If i try to use the eyedropper the soft identify the right material and show the selection in the Material tab. Al dough if I export the file like a skp file or vray proxy the file will be exported correct and will show all the textures(for the skp file). For the Vray file(the vraymesh) will show the proxy model but the materials needs to be manually applied to all the submaterials

Hi @Sammy,
Can you send us the .obj and texture files to [email protected]? Thanks

The issue is that the texture files are in TIFF format, which is not supported by the framework we use for the preview (hence the black textures), but is supported by SketchUp.
We will add a warning explaining the situation when loading TIFF files.

Will transmutr suport tiff in the future? X-frog colections are all tiff, and very high resolution where it’s not needed. Just wondering, maybe in the future transmutr could compress the textures and save in another format?

Hi @caecarvalho.

Transmutr will support TIFF in the next release (0.3.1).
See this thread.

That’s great, Thanks Merwan!