Thea proxies

At the end of the YouTube trailer, it says you’re going to add Thea proxies to Transmutr. I’m just curious: is there any time estimation or roadmap about when can this happen?

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We’ll try to do it as soon as possible. But we are not sure how difficult it is.



Please prioritize Thea Render!




Great news! Congratulations Thomas and staff!

First test
release 0.3.0

(1 - 2) The transmutation of the geometry was correct, and so were the proxies.

(3 - 6) The maps for the materials I added them manually

the results


But there is a problem with the materials. Everything appears in black!
Did I do something wrong in the process?


Solution, copy the maps in the folder:

I checked and saw that in the .xml file it looks for the files for the materials in the destination folder of the export, but they were not there.

Yes this will be fixed in v0.3.1 : Map export don't works with thea proxy export

Thomas, in the near future will it be possible for Transmutr to generate the .mod file? From there we will be able to edit the Thea proxy.

Unfortunately this is not possible.
We would need the Thea SDK, but Altair doesn’t want to give us access.

Note that you can import the XML file in Thea Studio and modify it. Then I think you can save the scene as XML again.
I have not tested, but I think this should work.

It’s sad that Altair does not want to make things easy for its customers.