Thea Proxies

How do I get more than a bounding box for a proxy I need for Thea Render. I have tried the different options for it, but everytime it only loads as a bouding box. I cannot tell what the model is or how it is oriented. Please help.

How do you load the proxy in SketchUp? Are you using the Thea import function?
You are supposed to import the .skp file that has been generated by Transmutr.

I was loading it from Thea. Where is the .skp Transmutr creates located?

OK, I figured that one out, but now I’m having issues with the model not being mapped properly. This involves 3d people. Models alternate from being mapped properly to being messed up. Is this a Thea or Transmutr issue?

Can you send one of the messed-up model to [email protected]?

I think I might have solved it. I was saving the proxies in the same folder, and it appeared that when it rendered it was pulling the texture from the model first saved in the folder. I created a separate folder for each model and proxy and it seems to be rendering fine.

Is that what I should have been doing from the start?

I’m not sure I completely understand the issue.
Do you mean that the texture files have the same name and they are overwritten?

I will need to check if texture files have the same name.

Here is what happened:

  1. I transmuted a file from Dosch Design (3d person) into ,skp
  2. I did that for a second model (3d person)
    I had saved both proxies into the Thea Data folder, which did not work. I only had a wireframe bounding box.
    I then figured out, after your first reply, I could/should save the proxies and use them instead of Thea proxies. I saved both proxies into the same folder on my server. I inserted proxies into SU model and only one of the two models rendered/mapped properly. I deleted everything and started over.
    I then transmuted file and created a Thea proxy for each, only the last time I created separate folders for the each of the transmuted models and proxies.
    It then worked when I imported the proxies into my model. Both figures rendered/mapped properly. I did not check to see if the maps/textures had the same file names. I will check next week and report back next week. I’m pretty certain each model had a distinct name, but again, I will verify next week and report back.

Lastly, and maybe this is reported/discussed somewhere else, but the .3ds files were about 33MB and the files after being transmuted into SU files became 350MB which is why I need to make proxies. I did try and simply meshes/reduce faces, but any manageable file size had an unusable model.

Any idea of why the .skp becomes so much larger?

Ok, let me know if the issue came from identical filenames.

What happens in this case, is that Thea loads the .mod.thea (or .xml) and create the wireframe bounding box itself.
The placeholder created by Transmutr is stored in the .skp generated alongside the .mod.thea (or .xml)

This is due to how the SketchUp format stores data. It always produces much bigger files than other formats, whatever the model is. There is now way around it, unfortunately.


The material maps for the assets from Dosch Design all have the same names for the material maps for each of the different models. So, that must have been the problem when transmuting the models into the same folders.

I Transmuted the models into their own unique folders and the proxies work well now.

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