Thea V3 bug Skatter V1

**SketchUp version 2021 pro
**Skatter version 1
**OS :Windows 10
Thea render V3
**Description of the issue : crash when loading render
**Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? yes,
Temp folder is full
After a long Team viewer session from Thea support on my pc, they came to the conclusion of a conflict between Thea v3 and Skatter v1. After blocking the Skatter plugin, Thea rendering now works.

Hi @TF3

We’re aware of that issue from the Thea developers.
It seems like this is an error message coming from SketchUp (not Thea or Skatter) but it appears when combining Thea + Skatter.

For the moment I don’t think it’s specifically coming from Skatter because it doesn’t write stuff to the Temp folder.
I know that this bug is currently investigated by the Thea team but it’s still a mystery.

Thank you.
Anyway they kicked off Skatter from my sketchup 2021 on my pc :wink:
I keep it on my sketch Mac witch Thea v3. SU 2021 work normally

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