Too many faces error in 1.1.1

The error comes when attempting to open the FBX of this model:

(I can supply the FBX for testing purposes, but for copyright reasons can’t post it here publicly).


  • I’ve Transmuted 100s of other FBX from Model+Model, this is the only one that gives the error.
  • The error is “Cannot load file: Validation failed: Face 4404 has too many faces: 64764, but the limit is 32767”

Seems like the code is using a signed 16-bit int when it should be at least an unsigned 16-bit int

Hi @bripiriegmail-com

Thanks for the report. Please send us your model to [email protected] so that we can investigate this issue. Thanks!

Thanks for the file.

It looks like something is wrong with the .fbx iteself. Even 3dsmax isn’t able to import it correctly:

I see on Model+Model’s website that it is also available as .obj, maybe try that?
Or if you have 3dsmax, open the .max file and export it as .fbx again?

Thanks for the checking this Thomas. It’s surprising they have a corrupted file, I will contact Model+Model to see if they can correct this.