Transformations random translation refers only to world axis

I want to make random translations on a specific axis, but when I’m changing the value other then zero, the translations are messing up, because my host axis is different from my world axis. Even when I’m choosing ‘World space’ in distribution mode, which allows to pick axis, is it not possible to line my scattered objects with the host axis.

Is it a missing feature? Or a bug? Or am I doing terrible wrong? My current work-around is to reset the host-axis, draw a line on the world-axis, scatter my objects along that line with the random translations, then rotate the whole scattered group to the host-axis.

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Hi @Mark_Moes

You’re right that random transformations only occur in the global space.
Your issue is a bit similar to that request about the grid distribution not using local axes: Grid Distribution Adhering to Local Axes

I added this to our TODO list. We’ll discuss internally and see if we can change that behavior in Object Space.

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@Mark_Moes we discussed this change and we’ll implement it soon.