Translucent materials FBX import to VRay

Hello, have just imported some FBX files into Vray using Transmutr to create Proxies, and have question about settings for leaf transparency.

In Transmutr I’ve set the leaf materials to “Translucent” which automatically creates 2-sided materials in Vray with transparency for the leaves which seem to render well.

My question is in Vray every two side material I’ve currently used the following parameter settings and wondered if someone could say if they look right or could correct them:

  • Front Material - this references the “base” material

  • Back Material - NONE

  • Translucency - currently mid-point on slider no texture loaded

  • Mult. by Front Diffuse - Unchecked

Appreciate any replies. Thanks !

Hi @jazzysb
I cannot answer myself if those settings are the best as I’m not a V-Ray expert but surely there should be some users here who could give a hand!

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Yes this is what Transmutr produces, it is a valid workflow.
V-Ray recently added a “Translucency” setting to their materials, which simplifies the workflow. The 2sided is not needed anymore. But this is only possible in V-Ray 5 I believe, so if we update Transmutr to support this feature, we will need to drop support for older V-Ray versions.

Thanks Thomas. Transmutr has worked great so far