Transmurt only for SketchUp?

Hello eveyone,

Transmurt can only save files as SketchUp files, is there any other way to save as other formats, like obj, 3ds, etc?.

I know I can export from SketchUp afterwards in several 3D formats but SketchUp add it’s own export features like poly count, triangulation etc. which I do not find very user friendly.

Apologies if my question is regarding saving files for other programs like Max, Rhino, etc. If so, are there any plans to save as mentioned and not only as SketchUp?

Btw, I did a search about this issue in this forums but found nothing about it.


No sorry, we have no plan to make Transmutr export to other formats than SketchUp.
There were some discussions internally about maybe Revit, but nothing has been decided yet.