transmute a fbx with multiple objects into single vray proxy files

i would like to buy me some megatree models but as i have seen in a free sample, the fbx files containing up to 5 objects/trees.

It opens perfect with all maps in transmutr but after transmuting to a vray proxy, the skp file (actually the vrmesh file) contains of course all the 5 trees.

Because the vrmesh file seems not to be editable, i will always have the 5 trees when importing the transmutred skp file into a another project (and deleting some does not help of course).

I have tried different ways to separate the 5 tree fbx into 5 single vray proxy files but have not found something convincing.

What would you suggest as the best workflow to separate a fbx with multiple objects into single vray proxies files?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Thanks for opening this thread, I also had the same problem.

To be honest, although Transmutr is an excellent tool, for now it has this limitation.

The only way is; import the entire geometry into SKP, and save it separately. (something very difficult, especially in vegetation content) and from there create the proxies. :man_shrugging:t4:

You could open the FBX in Blender (which is free) and export each tree separately as FBX before feeding them to Transmutr.

It’s easy for a human to distinguish each tree, but for Transmutr to do it automatically, it would require tremendous data analysis to separate geometry in a way that make sense to a human. The algorithm would have to be very robust to allow this to be automated.

But for a future version, we have plans to expose the model hierarchy (like Outliner in SketchUp) to the user, so that you can remove parts of the model. In you example, you would have to export it 5 times, though.

Thats exactly what i was thinking about, thanks.

that’s exactly what we need! :+1:t4:

Really helpful. I’ve just got vray for sketchup but dont yet have Transmutr (although I have skatter). I was wondering how I could get some Evermotion vegetation FBX files into SU/Vray when a few of them have this same issue of multiple plants in each file. So for now sounds like I need to load Blender: hopefully the process inside Blender to split the FBX is fairly simple/easy to learn?

Indeed you will need to go through Blender, 3dsmax, or similar, to split the models before getting them into Transmutr.
I know little about Blender, but I believe this operation it’s pretty straightforward.

There is a 7-days trial for Transmutr, so I suggest you give it a try :slight_smile: If you need more time to try it, send an email to [email protected] when it expires.

Thanks Thomas will look, appreciate your help :smiley:

yes but beware ! i have much maxtree stuff and i have to use fbx converter from autodesk to import that FBX into blender because it was made in lower version /that fbx from maxtree/ after conversion to ver 2013 fbx format u can import it into blender , but it is quite a pain to do it like this …

Thanks. Have decided to keep thing simple :smiley: for now and ignore these particular fbx files for the time being. If I do decide to try to split then I’ll let you know how I get on

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