Transmutr 2 feedback

Hi Lindale

Some months ago i bought a plan suscription to evermotion

Their trees have a great quality, they are a great assets.

2 things i have observed

First transmutr needs a better way to handle materials, some trees have like 3 kind of leave, 1 material for the trunk and 1 material for branches

With transmutr 1 i dont get the tree like that in vray for sketchup

This is very important, since they are some trees that has a lot of materials.

Second, i cant move in transmutr 1, it is really dificult to orbit in it to see the complete asset.

So be carefull with both materials please and the orbit.

Transmutr 1 works great, but materials and orbit can be better.

Luis Gamiño

I have imported trees from Evermotion and other FBX imports from outside of SketchUp format. I find that Evermotion trees as FBX are not always setup well on their end. I think they’re focus is really for their products to be used in Max. For me, Transmutr does a decent job but sometimes you need to find locate maps that didn’t convert well, but this isn’t a Transmutr issue, this how the FBX files are exported by Evermotion.

Lately, I have been exporting Evermotion trees as VRScene in Max and use them in SketchUp this way. This provides the best results, if you have access to Max.

Also, I have found some wonderful trees on CGTrader that import into Transmutr really well.

For me, orbit seems to be working fine as well and as expected.

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I have been using this software for 2 or 3 months, but with time i can see that transmutr can be better.

I dont have and i dont use 3d max neither vray for 3d max valero studio, so that is why i told that feedback to thomas, so he pay attetion in that option

Just vray for sketchup and sketchup

So for me this software is very important

In my opinion thomas i find very difficult to orbit insede transmutur and the materials sometimes does not work with vray when you already maped the asset in transmutr

The UI i really feel ancient, kind of prehistoric, this can be really better too.

With skkater 1 and skkater 2 this changed a lot

The transmutr 1 works fine, it has a great speed, but as always i write to you so we can have better software

I used with turbosquid too, brings the assets as i see in the web pages, so this is great too, the same that i see in web page, the same that i see with transmutr

Thanks Thomas

Luis Gamiño

First of all, thanks a lot for your feedback! It’s very valuable to us.

1. Materials
Indeed sometimes Transmutr is not able to extract all the data from the input file. There can be various reasons for that. But in FBX files, it’s usually due to extra nodes between the bitmap and the material in 3dsmax. For instance, a color correction node.
3dsmax is able to read that data and convert it back correctly, but other applications cannot.
This is an ongoing struggle, and for now we have not found a solution. But we have an idea that we need to experiment with (that will take time, though).

2. Orbit
Are you able to orbit at all? What happens exactly? Could you maybe take a screen recording while orbiting (or film your screen with your phone), so that I can understand the issue?
Also, have you tried using the “Zoom Extents” button?

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I have the exact same issues as above. Also on Sketchup and Vray.