Transmutr Beta 4 not triangulating

I have an OBJ file from SIMULAT and when I run it in Transmutr, all looks good and then when I export the SKP and open in SketchUp, there are a lot of missing faces.

I also just tested this with RC1 and the same issue persists.

Is the object very small?

Can you send us the file to [email protected]?

any solution on this?

It turns out that the object was loading very small. When I increased the size, it seems to work as expected.

Indeed, the issue was that the faces are too small, the SketchUp SDK refuses to create them.
But Transmutr should already be countering that by making the object much bigger then scaling it down to its original size. The was a bug when the faces were so small that there was an infinity/division by 0 going on, which resulted in no scaling at all.

This will be fixed in the next release.