Transmutr Competitor?

Have you guys seen this? This is “Skimp” from Mind Sight Studios
This seems like it could be good competition for Transmutr. Any thoughts?

Yes we are aware of this. Dale contacted us when we announced Transmutr. It turns out we’ve both been working on an importer/simplifier in parallel, without knowing…
That’s unfortunate, but we both were too advanced to drop our projects.

But we think our products are still quite different. Transmutr is very rendering-oriented, which Skimp is not.

EDIT: The following was part of the original post, but it is not true anymore since the release of v1 and succeeding versions:

His simplification seems to work better, and it’s not the focus of Transmutr. That’s why we think both can be useful in different ways.


From a consumer point of view, the more competition there is the better, especially if each does something slightly different. Options are always good! I can definitely see value in both, however, for my needs, transmutr is for me!

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Definitely agreed on Transmutr being more rendering-oriented, I think the fact that you guys prioritize materials and proxy creation really make the software stand out. Can’t wait to try the studio version!


Saw this today. Man that’s crazy!