Transmutr Enscape Proxy

When I transmute to an Enscape Proxy it create 2 skp files… one proxy and one full geometry?

When I open the Proxy and start Enscape nothing is there, it is totally blank. What am I missing?

In Transmutr’s Options, is “Use absolute paths” enabled?


I should add that I’m having this issue in the standalone version. I haven’t had a chance to try it within SketchUp yet. That’ll be on my agenda for later in the day.

So, for anyone that finds this and is interested…

Proxies work from the plugin within sketchup, but not if you start Transmutr from the desktop icon(standalone)

Hi @DoctaSayas

Thanks for finding this bug! I added it to our bug tracker and we’ll investigate the issue.

I am not able to reproduce this issue.
Does it happen with every file you try with?

Hello guys,
export as Enscape proxy does not work at all. That’s too bad! I spent hours experimenting with different settings without success. Standalone version. Neither Win nor Mac. Fortunately, thanks to DoctaSayas, I found out that the only way is to export from the plugin in Sketchup for Windows. Although mapping is not 100% functional at all. But this plugin doesn’t work on Mac either.

I’m still not able to reproduce this issue.

Could you send the files to [email protected] ?


Dear Thomas,

I’ve tried it from many different files. The truth is that Transmutr produces something that looks like a proxy in Sketchup. But Enscape does not display the contents of this proxy. Did you try to see some in Enscape? But the same files work when I use the Transmutr plugin in Sketchup for Windows. As I mentioned before.

Hey mate - are you using the latest version of Transmutr? I found this a lot of Enscape issues I was having.

As a side, I have no issues generation proxies for Enscape either. I use the reduced polygon count method and it works great!

Could you send me these two sets of files:

  • The .skp files (placeholder and proxy) generated with Transmutr as standalone
  • The .skp files generated with Transmutr started from SketchUp

I will compare the data they contain and may be able to find the issue.


Hi, I just downloaded Transmutr and it works great! Using in Windows 10.

Just wanted to clarify something as to why it may not be working for others.

*If you open the “proxy/low geometry” model in SketchUp it will NOT render. I believe this is as intended.
See Manual Excerpt: "When you export as proxy, the generated .skp file is supposed to be imported as a component into another model, you should not open it directly."

It DOES work if you “import” the “proxy/low geometry” model via the SketchUp “File -> Import…” menu. If you place the proxy in this way, when you launch Enscape, the render engine will load the FULL geometry model during render in Enscape.

Thomas, please clarify if this is the correct/intended method of use.


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You are absolutely right!

Although I don’t know if this is the cause of the issue posted above.