Transmutr Studio Automation - Translucency map path error

Hello Thomas, Merwan,

I have a difficult case here.
I want to define a material conversion automation for a Maxtree collection which contains several translucency maps that DON’T correspond to the actual material names used by the FBX mesh.

material leaf1_F

  • uses leaf06_F_diff.jpg as diffuse map: ok
  • leaf06_normal.jpg as normal map: ok
  • should use leaf06_tran.jpg as translucency map but Transmutr doesn’t load it automatically

Please note that some leaf materials don’t have matching *tran.jpg files.

So I’d like to write an automation preset that:

  • detects if a translucency map exists that matches a diffuse map name (instead of the MaterialName) and places that translucency map in the slot
  • if there’s no matching translucency map, then uses a defined translucency value as default

But if I try to create a condition which contains Translucency Map Path, Transmutr reports an error.

Is there a solution?

Could you send the files (the model with the maps), and your log file to [email protected]?

The log file is located here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\transmutr\Transmutr.log