Transmutr Vray materials too dark

Transmutr Vray materials are too dark.This seems to be a bug.

See attached image.

  1. Transmutr import without creating vray proxy. Opened in sketchup and proxy created with Vray plugin.

  2. Proxy created with Transmutr. Materials much darker.

Source files can be downloaded here: Nedladdning av bug report_transmutr vray too

Please try to recreate the problem.


Thanks for the report and the file.
It looks like there is some normal issues in the source file. When you export a V-Ray proxy with Transmutr, the .fbx file directly converted to .vrmesh with no additional processing.

Here is a V-Ray render with Override Material (we can see that the issue does not come from materials)

And here is the Normals pass. We can clearly see that the normals for the pots are not correctly oriented.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Transmutr can do about this. It needs to be fixed in the source file.

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Well this hoppens for all the files we convert with transmutr at the office, and we have something like 6 packages from evermotion and this example was from some other site.

I can send you another example from an evermotion package.

Regards, Martin

Ok i tried another model and this time the result is the same between the Transmutr Vraymesh and I create one myself. So the problem was the normals in the other model.

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