Transmutred models (materials) cause sketchup crash

I have a serious problem with transmutred models. Transmutr works fine. Everything is ok. I can transform FBX/OBJ model to SKP, open it, modify it, save a file etc. The problem is - I can’t import transmutred models to other scene because scene with imported transmutred models cause sketchup crash after try saving a scene.
I made many tests and I’ve found where the problem is. Sketchup crash is caused by transmutred model’s materials. Materials can be with or without any texture. Duplicating materials and deleting materials created by transmutr doesn’t solve the problem. Only deleting materials created by Transmutr and creating brand new Vray materials solves the problem.

I have log and dmp files which You can see on the screenshot (if you need). I couldn’t find xml file. :frowning:

Sketchup 2017, V-Ray 3.60.03, Transmutr 1.0.1 (1.0.0 tested too)

This is a known issue with SkerchUp 2017. We are trying to find the cause and fix it.

In the meantime, I suggest you use another SketchUp version.

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Thomas, hot fox 1.0.3 works perfect. :slight_smile: Thank You.