Transmutr's public roadmap

From now on, we’ll maintain a high-level public roadmap so that you guys have an idea of which new features we’re currently working on:

:arrow_right: Transmutr’s public roadmap


Nice! :muscle:t4:

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Wow, that’s cool!

Hi Thomas and Merwan, long time no see! This is great news!

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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but is it possible to import .skp and reduce file size?

I saw it is completed on the roadmap. Hoping it is available for use

We are polishing a few minor issues, then we will release it today or tomorrow :wink:

That’s great news!
Keep up the amazing work!

The link in the pinned post brings to the main Lindale website. After some research, I found the correct link for the roadmap, but I don’t know if it’s updated: Transmutr roadmap on

Indeed we have not been updating that roadmap lately.
We will try to keep that in mind when working on Transmutr.

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Thank you! I love roadmaps and changelogs :grinning:
Hope you’re fine and healthy, cheers!

(the link in the top post has been updated)

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