Transmutur 2

Hi Lindale

As you already know i liked both softwares transmutur and skkater, very usufull both

Are we getting closer for the release of trasmutur 2?since right now we are in new year 2024 can you share a bit when we will have transmutur 2?

About skkater 3, are we going to see a beta version of skkater 3?

Or it is going to be directly for the total release of skkater 3?

I liked both software

Thanks Lindale
Best regards

We have no exact ETA, but we are getting quite close. Unless a major event, it will definitely happen in 2024 :wink:

Work on Skatter v3 is very early for now. There will most likely be a beta cycle before the public release. But I don’t know when.