[Tutorial] Making of "Meadow"

Really clever idea to make this making of and work with Ronen Bekerman. Good idea to reach tons of artists out there!


Cool tut. I can’t seem to get it to work at all on my setup. Running Win7 on a nice BOXX running 32 gigs of RAM with the latest version of Thea and a GTX 780ti video card. Not sure why it freezes Thea and sometimes bugsplats SU. Tried it without any other plugins loaded. A friend of mine tried it on his rig with similar results. Any ideas? Tried it on SU 2015 and 2016.

Does Skatter work in other files?

Check the the folder icon and look for missing proxies. IT seems it’s missing all the links to it

Skatter works great in other files

Can be, but the file is setup on a different system and thus probably has broken proxie links. Check the folder icon and scroll to the bottom and check under models if any link shows in red there. That’s probably your case here

Hmm, When I load the file and look in the skatter dialog, I can’t see any “skatters”. The list is empty so there are no Skatter definitions. That could explain why you don’t see anything when you render.
The components are in the folder, so you could set things up yourself but the end result will be different I guess…

Just checked the scene. I think this is more of a blanco canvas for yourself to setup. It would be nice indeed to see how they set up all stuf and see what settings where used. It also doesnt have mod.thea files while it does have vray proxies already. So you need to create them yourself i guess