Typical Proxy path use (links) in Sketchup/Enscape

So I just started using Transmutr with Sketchup and Enscape.

What is the correct workflow when using proxies in regards to moving project/files to different locations and proxy link to full geometry file?

Example: Created a proxy and full geometry file (Sketchup) and textures. These are saved to a folder location (proxy folder) same as the project file. If I need to share the Sketchup project file that has the proxy file in it with another user or copy the Sketchup Project file to another location on same computer, will the link to the full geometry Sketchup file and textures be broken when Enscape needs to load it for rendering? Please explain how this works, and how absolute vs relative links may affect this.


Hi Norbert,

As far as I know, Enscape doesn’t support relative paths yet. Right now, I’m afraid there is no simple solution to the issue of moving textures and proxies around.

We will soon release a new extension that aims to fix this issue. It is a file browser that automatically rewrite paths when importing assets in SketchUp. It will be released in a few months/weeks (along with Skatter 2.0).

I am an Enscape user too; I also regret that currently Enscape versions doesn’t support relative paths.

Your way to fix the issue described by Norbert, seems to use a similar (or an extended ?) approach to that adopted by Julia Eneroth in her addon ‘Reference Manager’.
Further, shared parameters tables, global/local environment variables, …, could be used as complements to replace/extend automatic path rewrite when importing external asset/components.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that. Could you give me an example?

Well that is a serious bummer… So in effect, once I export a proxy and its full geometry + textures to a given folder, I can no longer move the location of said folder or rename the folder as the connection of the imported proxy to its full geometry file will be broken?
That’s a serious use hurdle.
Hope to see your solution sooner than later.

@benoit.zimmer, I’ll look at the Enroth manager in the meantime , but would be great to have something from Thomas intentional for Transmutr use as Transmutr works SO well. The GUI and use is fantastic Thomas!

Yes, this is my understanding of how Enscape works for now.
I agree that this is a serious limitation! That’s why we have this new extension :slight_smile: It’s not the only thing that it does, but it was a big motivation, as the same issue also exists in other rendering engines.

If I recall correctly, Eneroth Manager only works with components linked to .skp files on disk.
It doesn’t rewrite paths saved in attributes (materials maps and proxies), which our extension will do.

Did I mention it will be free? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick replies Thomas. Will look out for the extension!!

It’s a bit like Colin’s Relink Bitmap in 3dsmax?

Thomas, did the extension you mentioned previously get rolled out?
I’m having this issue trying to share a sketchup model with a colleague who can’t access the proxies.

Hi Jack,

Yes we released 3D Bazaar. More info here: Lindalë

It’s useful for automatically relinking maps and proxies if your colleague want to import proxies you have created.
Although for now, it cannot fix broken links for proxies that are already imported. We plan to add a utility to fix existing links in the model, but it’s not ready yet.