UNDO Please

The ability to UNDO a step ( or more ) is really a must especially when learning the app.
Help please

Do you think it should be part of the undo/redo system of Sketchup, or a seperate one? Accessible only from the Skatter dialog, or via CTRL+Z when the dialog is in focus.

I would suggest both :wink:

While the Skatter tool is active, Ctrl + Z will undo operations one step at a time.

As soon as another Tool has been activated (or the Skatter Window has been closed) all operations during that last “Skatter-Session” will be treated as one single undo-operation.


Can this be approached as a “History” feature? As in all operations are being recorded as they are made and then one can go back to any point of the process?

I would prefer the CTRL+Z as in SU.
Also to be able to de-select with the ESC key.
I makes sense to me to have a uniform key stroke system when using SU with an extension.
Good for work flow too.

That would be specially useful on painting. That’s skatter work but not exclusivelly dialog work.