Im trying to uninstall skatter as I’ve run into problems with the newer versions. Installing alternative versions isn’t fixing my issues does it overwrite the files ?

It suppose to but some old files may remain… Thomas can comment on that. You can try manually delete them from the installed folder before re-install.

You can go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features, and uninstall Skatter from the list.

Hello guys thanks for the responses. When i installed the first beta version i had two icons to add to my toolbar. Now they are both the same since upgrading so i can add only one. Also when i go too extensions skatter the options are blank i just see a tick mark. I am using mac OSX 10.10.05 and sketchup pro 2015. The plugin now seems to be missing features and is not responsive causing me to force quit the application when it hangs. I ddi find the installation folder alone with three new folders written in Library/Application Support/Sketchup/Plugins. Removing these didn’t help. However id like to recommend a manual install for your future releases. I do not use the default location of my home folder as i have migrated it to another internal drive keeping my boot SSD drive free of space. I noticed 3 folders were written as a default called sketchup 2014 sketchup 2015 and sketchup 2016. Would it be possible to make the installer find the required folder and location instead of writing in the default location ? I have since moved the plugin to my active home folder and it continues to work but still crippled. The license file only works if i leave it in the original installed location. Regardless of any difficulties i have encountered the plugin is skattering and doing its job and I’m enjoying it greatly. I look forward to your responses and possible fixes. I am aware this is a WIP and only a beta so it’s not a huge problem especially when i jumped on early and got a discount. I am using skatter with the Maxwell Render plugin i hope to share with you so some images.

Regards Simon

The toolbar and blank menu issues seem to be related to the language translation.
What is the language of Sketchup?
What is the language of Skatter?

As for the installtion destination, I indeed need to improve the installer.

I have both sketchup & skatter set to English.

I have that problem, too. I work with my friend, he say that he could see the existing version of Skatter in Sketchup and can not uninstall completely.

Try executing this file : “C:\ProgramData\Skatter\unins000.exe”

If that doesn’t work, manually delete these folders and files :

  • C:\ProgramData\Skatter
  • C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins\jbb_skatter
  • C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins\jbb_skatter.rb
    (Same for every other SketchUp version installed)

Hi - Do you have a list of locations for OSX users who want to manually delete Skatter?

I have a similar issue to others running OSX/SU2017/Vray3.4 (i.e. that SU is now very unstable) and would like to completely uninstall Skatter.

Is SketchUp unstable even if you don’t interact with Skatter?

Yes, SketchUp is unstable even when I am not interacting with it but as I only have the demo and don’t plan to purchase a license I am trying to remove it regardless. Thanks in advance for advise on the files to be deleted for an uninstall.

I’m sorry to hear that.
SketchUp on OSX seems much less stable than on Windows, this is weird. I have seen several extensions having bugs on OSX but not on Windows.

Skatter is installed in “HDD/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/sketchUp/plugins” (Not “Users/Library/…” nor “System/Library/…”, but the “/Library” folder directly at the root of your hard drive)