Update download and installation


A new update has just been released.
What is a proper way to get an update file and install it?

Thanks in advance

Hi George,
You can get the update by downloading the new installer from Gumroad, or from here : http://download.getskatter.com/

Thank you very much for your prompt response. Done!
Shall I overwrite the current version or uninstall-install it?.

In the skatter menu when a update is available a popup shows and the same link as http://download.getskatter.com/ show in the skatter menu within SU. When i click the download here nothing happens. This is on OSX 10.11.4

You should be able to overwrite just fine, as long as Sketchup is closed.

Yes it works, what i mean is within sketchup in the skatter panel isee the same web page as download.getskatter.com
When i press the download link here nothing happens as i dont think this is working from within SU.

Let me downgrade to 1.0.4 again so you can see what i mean. Ill post the images in short notice

This is what i see when update is available. The link in the panel doesnt do anything, perhaps you make this a link which goes to the website?

The webpage opened in the Skatter dialog?

Yes that’s why I loven ended to downgrade to show it to you. First it did not show again, but after a couple restarts of su it did.

First I see the popup with update log, then the skatter panels shows the 2 screenshots. Ethan’s your calling for a ht like link, but the skatter panel itself is html so it will call it there. So on Windows it turns to your brother wiser and opens it there?

If you have time to reinstall, can you please try again? It should be fine now.

Well its hard to test, im not sure how the update from within su works. Last time o forgot a bit about it, cause it wont show up each time you start su. I wont show after a restart, a logout, or su restart. It was just there again, therefor its hard to test it and see if it working.

Yesterday it poped up again after i layed it to rest and forgot to update it back to 1.01. I than quickly made these screens for you

Oh right, it only pops up once a day.

aha a bit hard testing then :wink: