URGENT HELP: Download Room Map ERROR

Hi please help me.

I downloaded the plugin roombox and everytime I hover over the create new button for the different types of room, the statement “will download a 2mb file” appears. After watching several tutorials I noticed that statement never appears whenever they hover over the create new button. That said, when I click the create new button it says downloading map and before it even finishes it says an error occured. Attached down below are multiple pictures to show you how the errors pops up. Please help me figure out how to get rid of this as I really want to be able to use this plugin. Thank you so much!


Downloading maps sometimes fail due to specific network configurations.

Are you using a firewall or some strict antivirus software?
Is your company using restrictive network settings?


No not that I’m aware of. There are no antivirus softwares or firewalls downloaded into the computer as well as any restrictive network settings. Besides this, what else are the reasons that the maps are failing to download?