Use Skatter for Tree Creation

Here the story goes…

I started with leaf textures like this:

I built components like these:

I skattered the components into small branch components like these:

I then Skattered the small branches into bigger branch components:

At this point I tried to skatter them into the Trunks and branches that I had already made but Sketchup couldn’t hold it any more and skatter didn’t produce anything overnight.

So I turned the leaves, small branches and bigger branches into proxies:

I thought that if I had all these assets produced I might as well use them all, as these trees I’m making are very random. So I skattered the proxies on the Trunk and Branches and I removed the skatter as render only so I could insert the proxy boxes into the tree components:

I ended up exporting each tree to a sketchup model.
My trees are like this:

The fastest component that works is something like this:

And the original branches are these ones:


very interesting result, i love this!

Awesome! I like the randomness. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Forgot about how I made the trunks. It was a free app called Tree It. Takes a while getting used to it but then it’s capable and actually fun. Save as a preset and randomize. Tree leafs are not that great and hence Skatter.

Very nice results!

You mean that Skatter was computing for the whole night and still didn’t finish? What were the settings?

I don’t think it was Skatter that didn’t compute. It computes fine when it’s only proxies or if it’s render only. It’s actually an instant. The problem was, I believe, related with generating geometry for the components with all leafs and branches, so it was a Sketchup issue.

Oh ok I see

That is one awsome tree …

Thanks… But they are nine :wink:

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Lol yeah I saw the 9 ones in them first row of pictures … okay all 9 look great :slight_smile:

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LOL! That’s better :smiley: