Using Render Only with Chaos Cloud

I just learned the hard way that if you have Render-Only setups in your file that Chaos Cloud will not recognize them. You need to make sure that you setup your Skatters as In-Model before you send to the cloud for rendering.

Oh? I thought the Chaos Cloud exporter simply exported a .vrscene before uploading, just like the batch render feature. In that case, Render-Only should be supported.
But maybe I’m wrong and it uploads the .skp or something? I will look into it.

Thanks for reporting it to us.

I have asked Chaos to provide Chaos Cloud credits to us so that we can try to debug the issue. I will let you know when we have some progress.


I also use Chaos cloud and render only compositions and it works for me.
I’ve had bad experiences though with the links of the proxies within Vray not being accurate (after a clean of the temp folder for example), and therefore not transmitting the information to the cloud. Don’t know if that’s your case, but hope it helps :wink:

Have a good day