Using render only with Twilight

I have been trying to use render only in Twilight but it does not seem to work. I am using windows 10 64bit
with sketchup 2016 and the latest version of Twilight 2.4.6 Maybe I am missing something.

It works fine for me on Twilight 2.4.6.
What happens exactly?

I will start a new skatter with the render only unchecked. I will render to see visually what it looks like (and it does show). I will go back to edit and check the render only box making sure the render only tab lists my render. I will then go back to Twilight and re render but now nothing shows. Maybe I am missing some sequence or something

If you untick “Render only” so that the objects are actually generated in the model, do they render fine?

Well as I said, before I check the render only box I make sure in Twilight that my objects looks fine visually (and when I do render yes I do see them and they do look OK)
I then go back to skatter and enter into edit mode to check the render box only, regenerate, open up the render only tab to make sure I see it on the list, close and render in Twilight and no objects with render only appear

Does it happen with these objects only, or have you never managed to make it work with any object?

Thomas, I am an architect so the objects I use are (so far) only vegetation and they are all face me components. I am trying to at this stage see so what works for me and what does not, maybe its the face me plants and trees

Do you mean that it works with other objects? Simple cubes, for instance.

No I have not used objects other than face me. Let me do an “Across the board” test with other objects like simple cubes etc so that I have a better picture to present to you

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas, I did some tests using a range of objects with various settings. I started with render only ticked, unticked. I still have 2015 on my laptop and using that with Twilight 2.0.0. I even checked my graphics processor settings but all to no avail, no proxy renderings.
My issue is probably an isolated incident and not urgent for now because the rest of skatter is working as per the instructions and tutorials and pretty robust at that.

Are you trying to scatter groups or components?

I tried both, but with the emphasis on components, with groups I used point skattering. One thing though, I never touched the camera settings at all but should not be where the problem lies I don’t think.

After having generated a “Render only” setup, paste this :
puts Common.render_instances.to_s
in the Ruby Console (Window > Ruby console), and tell me what it outputs.

Here are the first few lines but generated a lot more lines similar to the last line
puts Common.render_instances.to_s
{3=>{“jbb_skatter_345b79e5-347f-4a90-9bf0-561d9e194a14”=>{#<Sketchup::ComponentDefinition:0x000000091b8b50>=>[{:transformation=>#<Geom::Transformation:0x00000008e50d28>}, {:transformation=>#<Geom::Transformation:0x00000008e50968>},

Ok, then it seems that Skatter is doing its part as expected.
I suspect an issue on Twilight’s side, you should get in touch with them.

Thanks for the help I will see what Twilight can help with but I suspect its my computer

I reviewed my Twilight setup and discovered to my amazement that I had not activated Twilight and was running on the hobby version since version 2 came out. I did more tests and every thing is now just fine. My apologies for wasting your time. I can now soon start posting onto your gallery

No problem :wink: