UV coordinates lost in .skp file

Im having a similar issue, but in reverse. It seems to occour in both OBJ and FBX, Transmutr Version 0.2.0

Ted, can you send us the file at [email protected] ?

Absolutely! Its on its way now.

Thanks @Ted_Vitale, we’re looking into it.

This model is very strange.
For each face (except the windows), the UV coordinates of all the vertices are identical. The bitmap is partly an array of colors, and this technique seems to be used to give faces a unique color from the bitmap.
Unfortunately, this is considered to be invalid by SketchUp (the UV coords of the vertices of a face need to be different).
I’m not sure there’s something we can do. Unless we temper with the input geometry and slightly modify the UVs if we see that they are identical within a face?


We implemented a workaround, nudging the coordinates when they are identical, enough so that SketchUp considers them differently, but not too much so that it doesn’t have any perceptible impact on the actual mapping.
It will be available in the next release (0.2.1).


Not that I think I will have any use for this. But the simple fact that you solved it in a clever way, is noteworthy. Congratulations!

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the update, sorry I’ve been busy over the holidays and have not yet tested this, but that sounds like a great work around for what seems like an edge-case. Great work, and I’m looking forward to testing it out!

@Ted_Vitale Can I forward the model to the SketchUp team?

@Thomas I don’t see why not, go for it!

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@Ted_Vitale Can you explain the use case for such UV mapping technique to the SketchUp team? Here : https://github.com/SketchUp/api-issue-tracker/issues/186

Thanks :wink:

I did my best to better outline use case. But it really just comes down to “hey SketchUp, make it so that this model and others like it work properly!”.

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