UVs doesn't show properly

Last update made my uv’s gone wild. All models I’ve tested today (since updating to v0.3.4) can’t display its textures properly. I’ve tested both .obj and .fbx file formats.

same here:

We found the issue, a fix is on its way!
FYI, it happens only on textures that are not a power of two (256, 512, 1024, etc)

Hi @dedos_estudio @alsomar,

Can you confirm if the textures appear correctly when you open the transmuted file in SketchUp?


Yes, it looks fine in SketchUp. But I’m not sure about what you said of textures that aren’t power of two.
For example this freebie: https://www.gobotree.com/preview/0a2cbfd0d2c75fcdb7b1c6ba31ed19ed
It doesn’t look fine in Transmutr despite it has a 1024x1024px texture.

You are right. Although I can confirm that this is the same issue on the model you linked. It will be fixed.

Great, thank you for being so diligent. You’re doing a great job! :+1: