Villa Sketchup + Vray + PS cs 6 - Skatter

I Scattered 3D plants and grass using Skatter Plugin , Proxy is used in this scene

You could activate random rotation, scale and mirroring on the plants to make it aa bit more lifelike. Otherwise quite nice images.

Nice idea on the color boxes for plants. It would be cool if skatter would scatter color codes instead of the plain red on render only Skatters.

Skatter 1 - Red
Skatter 2 - Yellow
Skatter 3 - Green… etc

If you’re working on a single skatter it could be

Skatter, Object 1 - Red
Skatter, Object 2 - Yellow
Skatter, Object 3 - Green… etc

This way we’d know wich object is wich. Rigth now it’s a bit difficult do distinguish box A from box B

You have a point there and I see you added it as a feature request too. good!

The reason I made the boxes was to reduce the strain on my scene, there are 6 different types of vegatation that each box represent. All of the 3D vegetation is transformed from Evermotion Archmodel series to Sketchup proxies. Of course it could be nice if Skatter integrated colour coded boxes for heavy scenes in Sketchup.